Sunday, June 12, 2011

RAW: Day 2 - Headachesville

My poor head!! Today was my first day at thew new job which went really well!

Although, I was starving all day and had the worst headache. I had a ton of juice and a huge lunch plus snacked on brownie. Downed some pain killers and still no luck. I cannot be bothered writing much more today!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

RAW: Day 1 - brownies help a lot

The very first raw recipe I made...... Brownies!

That should be an indication of the eating habits right there! These were insanely good! I highly recommend them if you need to convince someone raw doesn't have to be boring!

Whenever I start reading a blog, I always skip to the first post to see what it's all about. It's a hard question to answer but here goes: I am trying to eat at least 80% raw because.....

*I have really low energy and often feel lethargic.

*I have a history of depression and while these days I am pretty good, I honestly believe looking after my body will increase happiness thus avoiding depression.

*I'm overweight and 'just eating healthy' means nothing to me. I need some guidelines to follow!

* I read "Raw Food Life Force Energy" after seeing this blog and it just makes sense to eat this way. I also like that Natalia (Rose) doesn't insist on drastic changes and shocking your system. It's more of a holistic approach than most and works towards long term changes, not short term weight loss.

*We plan on starting a family in the next year or so and the current state I am in..... Well, I am not so sure I have the energy to withstand carrying a baby let alone taking care of one!

I should probably also note, I have chosen 80% as my goal because I love lentils and quinoa and while I transition they make things much easier for me. Plus it's better than burgers so it's not 'bad' or anything! I also happen to be starting my new job this week so I need to make sure I am not in a state of detoxification. Crying because I miss coffee would probably not make a good impression......